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Lives being transformed

Leadership Team

Neil Durling
Neil DurlingSenior Minister
Neil Leads the team to help us to live out the vision of lives transformed by Jesus.
Gareth Allen
Gareth AllenChair of Elders
Gareth Chairs the Leadership Team and helps bring spiritual oversight to the church.
Rob Blundell
Rob BlundellElder and Treasurer
Rob is our treasurer: he helps us manage our finances to serve the vision God gives us.
Jackie Potter
Jackie PotterElder
Jackie serves on the leadership team, and helps with worship and ministry for children with special needs.
Steve Cole
Steve ColeElder
Steve serves on the leadership team, and specialises in bringing creativity to the life of our church and community.
Andrew Meade
Andrew MeadeElder
Andrew serves on the leadership team, and leads the church prophetic team.
Dave Hitchcock
Dave HitchcockOperations Minister
Dave looks after the day to day running and line management in the church. He also serves on the Leadership Team.
Louise Godwin
Louise GodwinElder
Louise serves on the leadership team, and leads the church’s prayer team.

Staff Team

Dan PotterYouth Team Leader
Dan looks after our youth work from ages 11-18.
Steve BrownPremises Manager
Steve looks after the church premises and facilities.
Jon KnightPastoral Minister
Jon leads the team that looks after the spiritual needs of our church and community.
Sally AllenEvangelism Minister
Sally’s job is to reach our church and community with the message of Jesus.
Office TeamTBC
The office team will redirect your enquiries to the right person! Contact them for info on bookings and anything else!


Paul MartinChair of Trustees
Graham BenthamTrustee
Jonny DaltonTrustee
Tom FoxTrustee
David HalfacreTrustee
Anne PerryTrustee